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Adoptable GDRNC Danes
GDRNC strives to place Danes in homes that match personalities and living situations with the needs and personality of the Dane. Please take a look at our available Danes and if you find one that you might like to meet, send your "bio" to unless otherwise instructed.

Sad News:

Two wonderful Great Danes that came through Rescue some years ago, passed away recently, and we would like to share their stories:


Max came to us as an older Dane when his owner had passed away.  Older Danes are not always easy to adopt out quickly, and our own Karen and John Martin saw him on our site and gave him a home.  Always a softie for the older Dane, Karen called me one day to say she just could not stand to see such a sweet dog languish on our site any longer, and came and took him home.  Max was over nine years old when he passed last Saturday.  A most wonderful boy!  I (Colleen)  babysat Max last year and still have such wonderful memories of Max and my own recently departed Dane girl Bridget roaming the property together.  I can still see them both trotting, single file, up the road, looking for adventure. We could not have known they would pass within days of each other.   

Karen and John are a very special couple and have contributed so much to our organization over the years.  Our sincere sympathies to both John, Karen and their fawn girl Cathy.

"Hoss"    12/21/05 - 3/13/14

Another sad story.  Hoss came to us after a lady bought him on Craig's List from a man who kept him tied to a bumper of a car.  William and Barbara Gilliam came and adopted this beautiful Merle male and gave him a wonderfully loving home.  They had issues with him in the beginning, but never thought of returning him.  They stuck it out, gave him their totally support and love and ended up with a most special, loving boy.  Hoss passed away recenttly with Barbara and Bill at his side.  Bill and Barbara are two long-time GDRNC supporters, they have adopted many Danes from us and continue to be two of our favorite people. Our condolences and thanks to them for all they did for Hoss.  See more photos of Hoss in our Happy Homes page.

Here is what Bill and Barbara wrote about Hoss: "Hoss was our big guy with a giant heart.  He very much loved his family and provided great companionship.  Hoss had a huge life presence that was felt when he greeted us on our returns to the house and whenever he came into a room.  He was a very loving and loyal dog.  His deep throated resonant bark was a reassuring sound when strangers approached.  Our favorite time with him was cuddling on the sofa.  Hoss was greatly loved and is greatly missed."

Danes Available For Adoption:

***The adoption fee is $350***